Traditional Acupuncture in Glasgow

Articles & Resources. insurance pdf 2019

A Page for resources and articles I have written

A list of insurance companies that will help to cover the costs of your treatments with a BAcC registered acupuncturist in Glasgow

Articles & Resources. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Articles & Resources. recommend a friend

Recommend a Friend

use this PDF to give to a friend, put your name on it and then both of you will benefit from a £5 discount on your next sessions

Acupressure and Pregnancy

Here are 2 useful resources for helping you whilst pregnant.

The 1st may be of use in earlier stages with morning sickness, whilst the latter helps with labour pains and may even help to bring the labour on.

Articles & Resources. morning sickness

Articles & Resources. labour

Of course be very cautious before using any of the information detailed here. These do not replace the support of a professional. Should you have any concerns at all, feel free to get in touch with me, or your midwife or other such health care professional before beginning or continuing with your self treatment.

Articles & Resources. nourishing qi

Nourishing Qi with food

Qi is the thing that gives us life, if we look after that then we're doing well! the attached PDF gives you 2 lists of foods that will help nourish the 2 core forms of Qi in our bodies.

Articles & Resources. yin yang & foods

Yin and Yang

To the left is an article explaining more about Yin and Yang and how their interaction affects our health, as well as providing foods that will help to nourish a deficiency in either.

Articles & Resources. fertility chart

Charting your fertility

This is a pdf created to help you measure your basal body temperature; this helps you long term to predict when you will ovulate and therefore help you work out your optimum fertility window. I have written a wee blog on other ways of charting it too; find at

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