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Paula Wilson BA Hons, BSc Hons, MBAcC

My interest in complementary therapies was ignighted whilst living in South Korea. I attended a daily exercise class, not dissimilar to yoga, and while there also began having massages and eventually acupuncture, along with other energy work (similar to Reiki). Once I completed my work in South Korea and it was time to return to the UK I realised I didn't want to lose that connection to the healing arts, and looked into how I turn this a career.

My Qualifications and Training

My initial training was in Psychology, I gained an Honours degree from Strathclyde University, whilst working as an information and counselling advisor for teenagers. Upon completing the degree, I worked for Coventry University as a student support worker, helping those with varying degree’s of physical disability, which lead on to teaching in South Korea.

Upon returning to the UK, I was accepted at the University of Salford, where I gained my Bachelors of Science with Honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture), whilst also gaining my certificates in both Swedish Body Massage and Indian Head Massage.

Subsequently, I gained post graduate training when I travelled to the Peoples Republic of China, where I completed the “Beijing International Acupuncture Training Course” at the renowned Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With subsequent training in facial acupuncture, a specialised weight management course, and courses to help enhance fertility with acupuncture, in addition to continung to refine and expand my knowledge and understanding of the human body and its route to health and research with various courses and lots and lots of reading .

My Interests

As a therapist I have a particular interest in pain management, rehablitation, along with fertiliity and other women’s health issues. Further to this, my previous training in psychology gives me an insight of more mental health problems including depression anxiety & stress.

I have had the privaledge of working with individuals with paralaysis from neck injuries within Southern General Hospital, which I have found to be both rewarding and challenging.

March the 1st 2012 I was invited to appear on the MacAuley & Co show on BBC Radio Scotland to help listeners get a better understanding of Traditional Acupuncture.

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